Will you be part of Local Democracy Week 2021?

Will you be part of Local Democracy Week 2021?

Join us for Local Democracy Week 2021

Local Democracy Week is a way of helping people to get involved in their community, learn about democracy and have a voice in the decisions that really matter for our everyday lives. We’re encouraging our citizens, councillors and local organisations to get involved by organising either an online event or a safe activity anywhere in Kirklees during October 2021 that helps people to get involved in local democracy.

We’ll be organising some activities ourselves. We’re also looking for stories to share from local people who are actively involved in making our local places even better.

When is Local Democracy Week?

Local Democracy Week happens every year, in the week of 15th October. This year’s Local Democracy Week runs from 11th to 17th October 2021. Our programme will include activities or events happening any time in or around October 2021, plus stories about things you’ve already organised or got involved in. Join our email list for the latest updates.

Already got something planned for October? We can help you to promote what you’re doing by including your event or activity in our programme.

Who can take part?

Local Democracy Week is for everyone. In previous years we’ve been proud to work with people from many local organisations, including community groups, schools, the University of Huddersfield, libraries, museums and local businesses, as well as national partners. Most things in our programme are open to everyone, but we’re also always keen to include events for children and young people, events for council staff or partners, and activities that include our local councillors.

Photo by Ian Baldwin on Unsplash

What kind of activities can be part of it?

Anything that helps people to be part of local democracy and civic life can be included. Not sure what to do? Here are a few ideas…

1. Learn about local democracy, from the ground up – We’re looking for groups who would like to take part in an outdoor introduction to local democracy. We can come and run an activity in your park, woodland, allotment, community garden, outdoor classroom or other open space. Perfect for groups who are looking after our local environment and want to know more about our local democracy. We can also provide materials if you’d like to run your own session.

2. Encourage people to share their photos – Do you feel able influence what happens in your local place? Are you already doing something to make that place better and are other people helping to make it happen? Show us how democracy is happening in your local place by taking a photo of where local democracy happens for you. You might also like to share a few words. You can encourage others to do this too – a perfect activity for local groups. Tweet us @kirkdemocracy  or email Democracy@Kirklees.gov.uk to share your photos.

3. Get together, meet your councillors – It’s more important than ever for us to stay connected. Can you help people to meet up (online or offline) to talk about something that matters to your community? You might like to organise a discussion or get-together for people where you live and invite your local councillors along.

3. Share your stories – Do you have a story to share about a time when you felt proud of being part of something where you live? Please tell us more about how you’ve got involved in making your local place better. Check out our new storytelling website – Our stories, our places – where you can add your story. Could you encourage people in your group or organisation to share their story too?

4. Try an everyday democracy activity – Could you try out some of our creative everyday democracy activities for children and young people in your school or in your community?

5. Get creative – Local organisations have previously organised creative workshops, informative walks, exhibitions, talks and lots more. Do whatever your participants will enjoy.

6. Say thank you – Can we do something together to say thank you to local volunteers who have been helping other people and working hard to make local places better? We’re keen to celebrate the good things that active citizens already do in local places across Kirklees.

How to get involved

We’re keen to hear from local organisations and others who might want to be part of Local Democracy Week in Kirklees. Interested? We also welcome new ideas for local democracy activities. Let’s work together to promote local democracy.

Please email us at: Democracy@Kirklees.gov.uk

or tweet us @kirkdemocracy if you’ve got something to share. We’d love to hear your ideas.

European Local Democracy Week

European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) was launched to foster citizen participation and promote democracy at the level that’s closest to citizens. The theme for 2021 and 2022 is:

“Protecting the Environment: Local Communities Take Action

We’ve made a commitment to grow a stronger local democracy here in Kirklees, from the ground up. We hope you’ll want to be a part of it.

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