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Local Democracy Week 2019

Local democracy events

Local Democracy Week is a way of helping people to have a voice and be actively involved in the things that really matter in our local communities. In Kirklees, we’re celebrating throughout October 2019. Check out our programme of free events…

Local Democracy Week events

How good is our place?

How good is our Place?

Our towns, villages and communities are the strength of Kirklees – and local people have asked us to do more to recognise this. So we’re working with citizens and colleagues to make sure that everyone has a stake in the place where they live, work or visit.

How good is our place?

Growing Great Places – civic crowdfunding

Growing Great Places

People make places great. Our new community crowdfunding programme will help citizens and organisations to make our local places even better. We’re pledging £50k of funding over the next year, plus advice and support to help you run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Growing Great Places

Democracy SeekersPeople looking for information

Wish it was easier to find out about local issues and decisions that affect you? We’re looking for Kirklees citizens to become Democracy Seekers. You’ll be helping to improve our democratic information, so that we can grow a stronger local democracy for everyone.

Democracy Seekers event – Wednesday 2nd October, 5.30pm

Democracy Seekers

What our young citizens want

Growing a stronger youth councilJoin us to hear what young people told us about having a voice, getting involved in community life, and how we can help them to grow the skills, confidence and connections that they want, in the way that they want. At this event we’ll be sharing our “Growing a stronger youth council” report, based on a year of learning from over 1,7000 young people in Kirklees, including our recommendations for the future. Come along to hear from our Young Commissioners and Kirklees Youth Councillors about their experiences, and find out how you can help.

What our young citizens want – Friday 18th October, 2pm

Working Group

Watch live

Our Working Group for the Kirklees Democracy Commission are overseeing our practical work to grow a stronger local democracy.

Our meetings are webcast live and you can follow along via @kirkdemocracy on twitter.


Get involved: Working Group info

Kirklees Question Time

Kirklees Question Time

Get your questions answered by local councillors at our regular Question Time events.

Get involved: Kirklees Question Time

Batley 150

Batley 150

We’re celebrating 150 years since the founding of Batley Borough Council. A group of volunteers are planning events and activities and would love you to join in.

Get involved: Batley 150

Huddersfield 150

Huddersfield 150 years

We’re celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of the borough of Huddersfield – it’s part of a rich democratic heritage in Kirklees that we can be proud of today.

Huddersfield 150 events

Get involved: Huddersfield 150

Vote 100 – deeds not words

Vote 100 in Kirklees

We’re proud to be part of Vote 100, a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act, which first gave some women (and all men over 21) the right to vote.

We’ve created a Vote 100 Kirklees website where you can see a list of upcoming events in Kirklees, get ideas about running your own event and find links to the Centenary Grant Fund, or find out more about the fight for the vote.

Vote 100 in Kirklees

Deeds not words

Deeds not wordsAs our contribution to Vote 100, we’re sharing 100 little deeds for local democracy throughout the year. Please get involved by doing something, however small, to celebrate democracy for everyone.

100 little deeds for local democracy

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Want to catch up on an event you missed, or take a second look? You can find out what’s already happened here – stories, webcasts & more…

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Reviewing the evidence

Our evidence gatheringOver 1,000 people have talked to us about local democracy in Kirklees and beyond. Thank you to everyone who has got involved so far.

  • 88 people took part in discussions at our local democracy roadshow events across Kirklees.
  • We met with the Kirklees Youth Council, Huddersfield University Students Union, partner organisations and other groups.
  • 43 witnesses gave evidence during our public inquiries and evidence gathering sessions.
  • 318 members of the Kirklees e-panel shared their views.
  • 441 Kirklees Council staff shared their views.
  • We have heard from councillors and political groups in Kirklees.
  • We have visited some other councils to learn from their experiences.
  • We’ve also received comments in writing, via social media, via our web site and by email.

We reviewed and deliberated all this evidence to help us create our report. You can look through the evidence too:

Our evidence

Our report