Batley 150

Batley 150

Batley 150

Join the Batley 150 celebrations

2018 marks the 150th anniversary since the foundation of Batley Borough Council in 1868. The Batley 150 project aims to make a positive impact on the lives of Batley residents. This will be achieved by developing a collaborative range of initiatives (2018-2019) inspired by local groups and citizens.

The Batley 150 group are planning events and activities and would love you to join in. Please share your ideas and get involved.

Email: or Tel. 01924 324765.

Batley 150 events

Batley 150 eventsYou can take part in events throughout the anniversary year to find out more about Batley’s democratic heritage, and to get involved in the civic life of Batley today.

Look out for the special touring exhibition curated by West Yorkshire Archive Service, which opens at Batley Festival on 29 September 2018.

Batley 150 events


Batley 150 logo

Batley 150 logosThe Batley 150 logo is designed to support organisers of activities and events that celebrate and commemorate the 150th anniversary since the formation of Batley Borough Council in 1868. You are welcome to use the logo to help promote relevant activities or events. You can download a variety of colour logos to suit your artwork theme. Please keep the logo dimensions in proportion.

If you need further help, please email: or call Mark on 07736 416668.

Download the Batley 150 logo designs

With thanks to Mike Bettney of BatleySmile CIC for his donation of the Batley 150 logo design.


Batley 150 Poetry Collection

As part of the Batley 150 celebrations, Batley Poets are putting together a special collection of poetry around the theme of ‘Batley’. The deadline for book submissions is now closed, but you can still share your poems for use in other Batley 150 projects.

Batley 150 Poetry Collection – Batley Poets


For more opportunities to get involved

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Batley 150 is one of a series of important anniversaries for our local and national democracy in 2018. This year we are also celebrating Huddersfield 150, Vote 100 in Kirklees and Kirklees Youth Council’s 10th anniversary. We hope you’ll get involved by taking part in the events, or by organising your own.


Find out more about our civic heritage

  • Vote 100 in Kirklees
    Be part of Vote 100, a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act, which first gave some women (and all men over 21) the right to vote. Learn about the fight for the vote, find local events and do your own little deed for democracy.

Other useful links for exploring our local heritage:


Batley 150With thanks to Mike Bettney of BatleySmile CIC
for his donation of the Batley 150 logo design.

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