Privacy notice

Privacy notice

We hold personal information about our participants, with their consent, including names, email addresses, organisation names, photographs, videos and audio recordings. We use this information to keep our citizens, partners and others informed about democracy in Kirklees, and to share our work to grow a stronger local democracy.

We believe in working in the open as much as possible, so that more people have the opportunity to be involved, and we often share our events and activities live online for this reason. We always let our participants know in advance that we’re doing this, and we offer participants the option of not being seen in photos and videos.

If you give us permission to use your photograph, film or words, this consent is valid for two years. You can contact us at any point and ask us not to use your content for any new purposes. Remember that once information is published and in circulation (especially online) it may be copied and used by others. If you ask us not to use your information in the future, we will do our best to stop others using it too, but we can’t guarantee this.

We encourage participants to opt in to our Kirklees Democracy email list, so that we can let you know about events, activities and projects that you might be interested in. We collect only the information that we need (your name, email address, organisation name and email preferences). We never share this information with other organisations, and we only use your contact details to tell you about local democracy. 

We make sure your personal information is stored securely. We use trusted tools to store your data and to communicate with you. The tools we currently use are: Mailchimp (email bulletin software), Eventbrite (for direct event invitations) and SurveyMonkey (for occasional surveys to participants). Each email bulletin we send you includes an option for you to update your preferences, or to unsubscribe. We will also send you a reminder once a year.

You can contact us at any time to request further information, ask questions, or let us know if you have any concerns. Please email us at: