5 ways to be part of Local Democracy Week 2018

5 ways to be part of Local Democracy Week 2018

Local Democracy Week 2018

Join us for Local Democracy Week, 15th to 21st October 2018

Local Democracy Week is a way of helping people to be part of civic life and to have a voice in the issues that really matter in our local communities. We’re encouraging our citizens, councillors and local organisations to get involved by organising an event or activity anywhere in Kirklees during October 2018 that helps people to get involved in local democracy. We will help you to promote what you’re doing, and we’ll also be running some events ourselves.

Here are a few ideas for ways of taking part…

1. Join in the celebrations

We’re celebrating a series of important anniversaries for our local and national democracy in 2018. You might want to run an event or activity that’s inspired by one of these:

Batley 150 – celebrating 150 years since the founding of Batley Borough Council

Huddersfield 150 – celebrating 150 years of civic achievement

Vote 100 in Kirklees – celebrating the beginning of votes for women, 100 years ago

2. Do a little deed for local democracy

Deeds not wordsAs part of Vote 100 in Kirklees, we’re sharing “100 little deeds for local democracy” throughout the year. You can get involved by doing something, however small, to celebrate democracy for everyone. Our Vote 100 website includes practical ideas for how citizens, local groups and schools can get involved. So you might find some inspiration here:

100 little deeds for local democracy

3. Get creative

In 2017 we worked with local organisations to put on some fun and informative activities, which proved popular. Some of the things you could try are:

Community cinema – could you show a film in your community hall or venue? Citizens told us they found the film “Suffragette” inspiring, moving and thought-provoking.

Creative workshops – could you help people of all ages to explore local democracy through poetry, drama or music?

Fun ways to learn – could you organise a fun evening that includes a quiz? Creative ideas last year included solving Countdown-style conundrums.

4. Look to the future

Kirklees Youth CouncilKirklees Youth Council helps young citizens in Kirklees to learn about local democracy, to gain skills and confidence, to become active citizens, and to have a voice. This year is our youth council’s 10th anniversary, and we’re asking lots of people to share their ideas for the future.

If you’re part of a school community or part of a local organisation that works with young people aged 11 to 18 in Kirklees, we can offer you resources and support to get involved. Young people can take part in the Kirklees Youth Survey, and you can hold a discussion group in your school or community venue. We also have a special 10th Anniversary event during Local Democracy Week, which you’re welcome to take part it.

Growing our youth council – Please contact michelle.ross@kirklees.gov.uk (or call 01484 221000 and ask for Michelle Ross) if you’d like to get involved

5. Share your story

Are you already planning an event around this time that helps people to have a voice, get involved in their community or learn about local democracy? Please let us know what you’re planning so we can include your event in our promotion.

How to get involved

We’re keen to hear from local organisations who might want to be part of Local Democracy Week in Kirklees. Interested? Let’s work together to promote local democracy. Please email us at: kirkleesdemocracy@gmail.com

We also welcome fresh ideas for local democracy events and activities. Please email us at: kirkleesdemocracy@gmail.com or tweet us using #kirkdemocracy if you’ve got something to share. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Be the first to hear about events

Make sure you’re signed up for our Kirklees Democracy email list and we’ll send you updates about our Local Democracy Week events. You can also follow us on twitter @kirkdemocracy


European Local Democracy WeekEuropean Local Democracy Week (ELDW) was launched to foster citizen participation and promote democracy at the level that’s closest to citizens. This year’s theme is “Citizen participation, consultation and commitment: for a thriving local democracy.”

We think this fits in well with the aims of the Kirklees Democracy Commission – we’ve made a commitment to grow a stronger local democracy here in Kirklees, from the ground up. We hope you’ll want to be a part of it.


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