Will you be part of Local Democracy Week 2022?

Will you be part of Local Democracy Week 2022?

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Join us for Local Democracy Week 2022

Local Democracy Week is a way of helping people to get involved in their community, learn about democracy and have a voice in the decisions that really matter for our everyday lives. We’re publishing a programme of local activities happening throughout October, and sharing stories and updates via @kirkdemocracy on twitter during the month.

You can get involved by adding your activities to our programme, by sharing your story or by inviting us along to your community to help people learn about (and get involved in) local democracy.

When is Local Democracy Week?

Local Democracy Week happens every year, in the week of 15th October. This year’s Local Democracy Week runs from 10th to 16th October 2022. We celebrate throughout the month, so our programme includes activities or events happening any time in or around October, plus stories about things you’ve already organised or got involved in.

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We can promote your group or activity

Do you have a practical environmental project or activity that you’d like to promote? Do you want more people to be involved? Or are you hosting a meeting or activity to help people have a voice in local decisions? We’re looking for activities, volunteering opportunities and events to promote in October as part of this year’s Local Democracy Week programme, which is on the theme of taking action to protect the environment.

If you have something to share, we’d love to hear from you. Please try to share your info by 28th September 2022 if you’d like to be included in our email promotion to over 8,000 people in Kirklees.

Email us at: Democracy@Kirklees.gov.uk

Share your story

We’d love to hear about how you’ve got involved in making your local place better. Do you have a story to share about a time when you felt proud of being part of something where you live? Check out our storytelling website, where you can add your story now. Or can you encourage people in your group or organisation to share their story? If you’d like some help telling your stories, we’re here to support you.

Share your story | Our stories, our places

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Learn about local democracy, from the ground up

We’re looking for groups who would like to learn more about local democracy. We can come and run an activity in a community venue of your choice, including in local buildings or in outdoor spaces like parks, woodlands, allotments, community gardens or outdoor classrooms. Or if you’d like to run your own session, we can provide some activity ideas to get you started.

Email us at: Democracy@Kirklees.gov.uk

Who can take part?

Local Democracy Week is for everyone. We’ve been proud to work with people from many local organisations in previous years, including community groups, schools, the University of Huddersfield, libraries, museums and local businesses, as well as national partners. Many things in our programme are open to everyone, but we’re also always keen to include events for children and young people, events for council staff or partners, and activities that include our local councillors.

How to get involved

We’re keen to hear from local organisations and others who might want to be part of Local Democracy Week in Kirklees, either this year or in future. Interested? We welcome new ideas for events and activities. Let’s work together to promote local democracy and help more people come together to make our local places even better.

Email us at: Democracy@Kirklees.gov.uk

or tweet us @kirkdemocracy 

We’d love to hear your ideas.

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