Khizar’s story

Khizar’s story

Khizar told us that being part of the youth council was “far better than what I had imagined”. He had anticipated getting involved in talks and perhaps a few odd discussions here and there. He was pleased to find that it was very much about his own voice as a young person who could represent his local community. He got involved in a number of activities to help put forward young people’s concerns, such as a democracy day where the youth council partnered with the University of Huddersfield.

He is particularly proud of being involved in the initiative for a Young Carers Card and organising a young carers conference for the first time in Kirklees. This raised awareness about the significant issues that our young carers can have.

Khizar’s advice for young people is: “Get involved and get your voices heard. The best way to do that is through an organisation such as the youth council”. Khizar is now studying for a masters degree in Politics and International Relations.

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