Working with NCS to find out what makes young people proud of where they live

Working with NCS to find out what makes young people proud of where they live

“There’s some really insightful and thoughtful writing by young people about what makes them proud of their local area, which we thought was great to see.”

Evan Hall, NCS Coordinator, Huddersfield Town Foundation

The Huddersfield Town Foundation supported six young people to try out one of our Everyday democracy activities as part of this Summer’s NCS Keep Doing Good programme.

The young participants were asked to respond to the question “What makes you proud of where you live?” in words or images. This activity is one of the ways in which we’re learning what young people feel about life in their local place right now, and helping young citizens to have a voice in what happens where they live.

Some of the things young people said about their local place:


“I am proud to be from Gomersal. The people in my town are extremely friendly and welcoming…. These green areas not only provide land for grazing cattle but also fabulous walks through the grassy land. I found walking through these areas with my family a great way to cope with the intense stresses of lockdown.”


“This town is the dirt under my nails and the haze of grey over my skin. I know the crooked roads better than the tired facts we learnt in school… The cramped lifestyle may be considered a nuisance but makes life easy to adjust and form relationships with neighbours due to the closeness of our homes.”


“I am proud of where I live because of the attitude that everybody has in the area… I am proud of the community spirit that has only been exemplified during this pandemic. Heckmondwike is a historical town but it is the people in it now that make me most proud of it.”

“Cultural diversity – it is fascinating to see the cultures, such a various group of ethnic minorities, including myself …Sense of togetherness, especially within our school as there is a really positive atmosphere.”


“I am proud to be living here due the fact that everyone living here is very comfortable with each other. I like how there are people from many different backgrounds… I know that the majority of the people living here are very friendly and that is something I really like.”

See the contributions in full, including a collage:

Huddersfield Town Foundation NCS – Keep Doing Good Kirklees Democracy Task (PDF)

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part, and to the team at the Town Foundation who helped to make this happen.

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