What’s a public inquiry?

What’s a public inquiry?

A public inquiry is a way of investigating a particular issue, in the open. We held a series of public inquiry sessions as part of the Kirklees Democracy Commission. These covered different aspects of our local democracy themes: Councillors, Elections and Decision-making.

We heard from a series of expert witnesses during these sessions. These are people who can offer some particular experience or knowledge about one or more of the specific issues that we’re investigating. They have helped us to learn from what’s happening elsewhere, as well as sharing our own local knowledge. The inquiries included evidence from relevant research projects, and practical examples of doing democracy differently.

Each of these sessions was webcast live (or recorded in audio format) and live tweeted via @kirkdemocracy.  All this content is available via our website so that you can hear the evidence, follow what’s going on and join the debate.

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