Voting in the May 2023 Local elections

Voting in the May 2023 Local elections

Are you ready for Polling Day on Thursday 4th May 2023? Here’s everything you need to know about voting in the local elections…

1. Who can I vote for?

It’s really important that you make your own choice about who you want to vote for. You can listen to what the candidates and political parties have to say, but in the end you have to decide who to vote for. If you’re not sure who your local election candidates are, check out this independent website from Democracy Club.

Who Can I Vote For?

Who Can I Vote For?

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Parish and Town Council elections are also taking place on 4th May. If contested, you may also have a Parish or Town Council election in your area. Find out more:
Statement of Persons Nominated 2023

2. Where do I vote?

Your polling station address is shown on your poll card, which you will have received in the post recently. Or you can easily find your polling station online:

Where Do I Vote?

Where Do I Vote?

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm. Go any time in between, but please don’t miss out by being late. If you’re in a queue at your polling station at 10pm, you will be allowed to cast your vote.

3. Don’t forget your photo ID

For the first time, voters across the country will need to show photo ID when voting at polling stations. You need to bring your photo ID with you to the polling station on 4th May. You can find out what types of ID you can bring on the Kirklees Council website:

Requirement to show photo ID at polling stations

4. Postal voting

Have you requested a postal vote for these elections? Please post your postal vote back to us as soon as possible, so that we receive it in time.

If you haven’t returned your postal vote envelope before Thursday 4th May, you can take it to any polling station in your ward on election day. Find your ward

If you applied for a postal vote but haven’t received your postal vote ballot pack, it’s really important that you contact our Electoral Services team at Kirklees Council straight away.  Our team are on-hand right now to make sure your vote counts.

It is too late to apply for a postal vote for these elections. If for any reason you cannot visit the polling station on 4th May, please contact our Electoral Services team.

You can watch this video for general advice about how to fill in your postal vote.

Please note that candidate numbers no longer appear on ballot papers as shown in this video.

5. When will we know the results?

Votes in the local elections will be verified and counted on Friday 5th May 2023. We expect to see results throughout the afternoon. You can keep an eye on the results coming through via Kirklees Council’s website and social media channels:

Follow the live results

on Twitter: @KirkleesCouncil

on Facebook Live in Kirklees

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