Meet your councillors – sessions for local schools

Meet your councillors – sessions for local schools

We think that all our young citizens should have the opportunity to learn about – and get involved in – local democracy and civic life. It’s now more important than ever that our young citizens can have a voice in the things that affect their everyday lives. So we’re supporting our councillors to safely re-engage with young people in schools in their ward.

We’re offering a flexible one hour session that will help children and young people to learn what councillors do, share how they feel about life in their local place right now, and explore opportunities to work together with councillors on community projects. Councillors will hear how our young citizens are feeling and will learn what children and young people would like some help with to improve their local place.

Sessions can be either online or safe distanced, depending on what works for your school – we will be guided by you. We also have some activities that you can try out in school ahead of the session, to help get the conversation started.

What happens in the session?

Our thanks to the staff and pupils of Hillside Primary School and to the Newsome ward councillors, who were the first to try out our new style “Meet your councillors” session in October 2020. We talked about what councillors do, what life in lockdown and beyond has been like for young people, and things that we can work together to change in our local area. We’ve shared their story to help you learn more about how it works…

Meet your councillors at Hillside Primary School

Be a Democracy Friendly School

Please get in touch if you’re part of a local school who would like to meet your councillors. You are also very welcome to sign up for our Democracy Friendly Schools programme (if you haven’t already), which is open to schools for any age group in Kirklees.


Democracy Friendly Schools

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