Local democracy roadshow

Local democracy roadshow

Local democracy roadshow

We want to know what would make your everyday experience of local democracy better. What would make it easier for you to participate in local decision-making, and what would encourage you to feel involved?

Register now for one of our local democracy roadshow events to join the debate about our three key themes:
Councillors, Decision-making and Elections.

The event will include an introduction to the Democracy Commission by Dr Andrew Mycock (our independent chair) from the University of Huddersfield.

You will work in groups to answer some questions about our key themes, share ideas and say what’s important to you. There will also be a panel Question & Answer session, electronic voting on some of the issues and plenty of time for networking.

Lunch will be provided for the daytime roadshows (which are from 10am to 2pm) and a light buffet for the evening roadshows (which are from 6pm to 9pm).

Roadshows – register now

Register now for the Huddersfield roadshows


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