#KirkleesQT, October 2017 – live tweets

#KirkleesQT, October 2017 – live tweets

As part of Local Democracy Week 2017 in Kirklees we held a special Question Time event with local party leaders. This is one of the things that our citizens have asked for. The panel also included one of our youth councillors. More info: Kirklees Question Time, October 2017

Welcome to Kirklees Question Time –

webcast 00:05:15

Question 1 – webcast 00:07:37

“How will we know if the effort to improve Democracy in Kirklees has succeeded, who is accountable and what is the consequence of failure?”
[ Tom Ward ]

Question 2 – webcast 00:13:03

“I am concerned about local planning decisions that are being reversed by the Secretary of State with regard to housebuilding, fracking (which most people oppose) and the felling of healthy trees around Greenhead Park. If the national government overrules decisions made at local level by elected councils which have the support of local residents what hope is there of local democracy working for local people?”
[ Sue Lee-Richards ]

Question 3 – webcast 00:21:41

“Why have you closed down young people service on the pretext of saving money when in the long run it will cost you more in anti social behaviour and vandalism and turned your back on hundreds of young people’s social and learning experiences and life skills and support?”
[ Thomas Hinchcliffe MBE ]

Question 4 – webcast 00:35:30

“I live in Batley. I would like to know why Batley is the poor relative when the council dishes out funds for regenerating our town. I look at Huddersfield. With the massive regeneration and a look at Batley and we get new bit of Bunting when it’s Batley festival.”
[ Katie Todd ]

Question 5 – webcast 00:35:45

“What is Kirklees Council doing to support the regeneration of Dewsbury? We are only 12 mins from Leeds by train, how is the council exploiting this opportunity to bring some of Leeds’ success here?”
[ Jackie Ramsay ]

Question 6 – webcast 00:49:04

“What activities are the council doing in tackling climate change and the increasing air pollution in our borough?”
[ Mark Croft ]

Question 7 – webcast 00:54:17

“There is a recognised problem with air quality around Ainley Top yet despite this the council continues to approve plans for extensive house building. How can we believe that the council takes air quality and people’s health seriously?”
[ Mike Chalker ]

Question 8 – webcast 00:58:58

“When will Kirklees council improve its kerbside recycling to fall inline with what other authorities offer?”
[ Graham Johnston ]

Question 9 – webcast 00:59:14

“Kirkless were thinking about starting garden waste collection some time ago. How far have you got with this please?”
[ Naina ]

Question 10 – webcast 01:05:58

“What is the future of social housing, and more specifically KNH in Kirklees? Following the terrible Grenfell disaster we recently had notice from KNH that Savills UK were conducting inspections along with another housing association based in the NE. As a social tenant do I need to be concerned?”
[ Paul Lee ]

Question 11 – webcast 01:09:37

“What are local politicians actively doing in Kirklees to prevent homelessness and what support is being provided to reduce current numbers of people that are living on the streets.”
[ Kirsty ]

Question 12 – webcast 01:22:26

“What do you think of the closure of hri and are you willing to support the campaign?”
[ Michaela ]

Question 13 – webcast 01:34:26

“Can you please tell me when the wing will be replaced on the Batley Bat?”
[ Janice Minich ]

Closing comments – webcast 01:37:07

“Local democracy is about keeping the conversation going”
[ Dr Andy Mycock ]

Kirklees Question Time

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