Hannah Directory 2017

Hannah Directory 2017

Hannah Directory
These beautiful photos of the 2017 Hannah Directory are by Emma Graney (Letterloves)

We’re delighted to be able to share the 2017 edition of the Hannah Directory with Kirklees citizens at our women’s suffrage themed events during Local Democracy Week.

Hannah Directory is a yearly print publication which celebrates the great stuff that people are doing in places in England’s north, and asking how even more of it can happen. There is also a Hannah Directory website and a launch week to welcome and celebrate each new edition.

Pick up your copy of the Hannah Directory at our events to find great stuff happening in music, business, the arts, new kinds of social organisation, scientific discovery and much more.

It’s a not-for-profit initiative and contributors are invited on merit.

Well over 100 people and organisations have taken part so far, in Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Durham, York, Hull, Otley, Hebden Bridge, Halifax, Ossett, Berlin, Krakow, Asheville (North Carolina), Kemionsaari (Finland), Wakefield, St. Helens, Brierfield, Salford, Stockport, Preston, Barrow, Liverpool, Alnmouth, Leigh, Penrith and Sheffield.

About Hannah Mitchell

Hannah Directory is named after and inspired by suffragette and rebel Hannah Mitchell.

Hannah Mitchell

Hannah Mitchell (1872–1956) was a lifelong fighter for democracy and fairness, put in Strangeways prison in 1906 during the campaign for votes for women.

She went on to become a councillor in Manchester, representing Newton Heath.

In her autobiography The Hard Way Up she mentions one of her proudest achievements being the public wash house which she struggled to get built to make working women’s lives easier.

Her desire for ‘beauty in civic life’ blossomed in her work on public libraries, parks and gardens.

With thanks to Hannah Directory

Hannah Directory
These beautiful photos of the 2017 Hannah Directory are by Emma Graney (Letterloves)

Local Democracy Week 2017

Local Democracy Week 2017

Suffragette – free screenings of the award winning film

A Woman’s Work – hear inspiring stories from local leaders

From Suffragettes and Beyond


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