Why does our local democracy need a health check?

We all want to have a voice in the decisions that affect us, yet fewer people are actively taking part in our local democracy. This means that participation in elections is falling, and we’re less likely to trust in politicians or feel that they represent our views.

We also need to think again about the way we do democracy at a time when there are big financial challenges, and when advances in digital technologies are creating lots of new opportunities. Things are changing, and the relationship between councillors and citizens is changing too. We need to make sure that our local democracy doesn’t get out of step.

One of the things that’s changing is that communities will need to do more for themselves. Lots of us play an active part in community life in Kirklees, such as volunteering with a local club, helping out at community events or campaigning on local issues. We aren’t disinterested in our communities – so why aren’t we more interested in our local democracy?

We want to know what would make your everyday experience of local democracy better. What would make it easier for you to participate, and what would encourage you to feel involved?

Join the debate to help us to find out.